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Set up XBox 360 VPN Using Router & Modem

XBox 360 became more and more popular, and people use it in many ways. Sometimes, the access can be restricted, and the coolest way is to use the best  VPN service. But how can you set up Xbox 360 VPN using a router or a modem? It is not that complicated, and you can use two ways:

  1. Use your computer’s VPN service and share it with your XBox 360;
  2. Centralize the VPN tunnel with your router, and allow you XBox 360 to go through it.

Both methods are quite simple, and we will show you, step by step, how to configure your XBox 360.

But before proceed with it, you need to choose a VPN service. There are several alternatives on the market, but we strongly recommend you to choose a professional solution, stable and reliable.

After you choose one  best vpn serviceVPN provider, you can proceed to set up your XBox 360 VPN using a router or a modem.

If you decide to share your computer’s VPN with your XBox 360, you will have to activate the VPN every time you switch from your computer to the XBox 360, but you can avoid it using a router.

Let’s see how to do it.

What you need?

You need to tell your VPN provider you want to set up the VPN on XBox 360 and ask him for several credentials and details, including:

  • Host name;
  • Domain name;
  • Connection type;
  • Router IP details;
  • DHCP enabling;
  • Gateway;
  • Username;
  • Password.

Setting up the router

You need to connect your router with XBox 360, as all the connection will go to the modem through your router.

Follow these steps:

  • Use two Ethernet wires to connect your computer and your XBox 360 with the router.
  • Use a network cable to connect the router to the modem.
  • Make sure everything is connected and functioning.

Setting up the software configuration

You need to configure your VPN service on Xbox 360 to your router, and we recommend you a DD-WRT flashed router.

  • Go to “Control Panel” in your computer.
  • Access the VPN Router Control Panel.
  • Go to Setup – Basic Setup.
  • Enter the Host and the Domain name you got from the VPN provider, as well as the Local IP address.
  • Select a VPN protocol – DHCP or not, depending on your VPN provider.
  • Enter the Gateway.
  • Login with your credentials.
  • Click Apply Setting and Save.
  • Click on “Status”, select “WAN”, and click “Connect”.



Now you should be able to enjoy Xbox 360 using a VPN service.

It will protect your system, will give you access to any website all around the world, and unblock any application or page you want to visit!

Have fun!