Addition of Resellers to Secure VPN Services

  • Sunday, 23rd October, 2022
  • 19:13pm

Everyone needs a secure vpn service these days. Whether its beating site bans, registering profiles, an out-of-country live tv streaming media service, or protecting your real location from any website, there is always a need for vpn services. And having real residential and mobile 4G ip addresses available makes it even better.

With the ability to use real residential and mobile 4G ip's on demand, you have the power to unblock any site or service your heart desires. Unlike data center vpn's, residential and mobile 4G ip's have a lot more power. In 99.9% of all usage cases, a residential or mobile 4G ip has a very little chance to be blocked on the sites you want to use it on.

What makes this service even more unique is that we can produce custom made vpn servers in more than 135 countries across the globe. Literally anywhere in the world that you need a residential or mobile 4G set of ip's from, we can produce it. We offer this service under the standard OpenVPN format, which is the most compatible vpn for all operating systems and mobile devices.

Security is very tight as well. Utilizing AES 256-bit encryption, backed by independent radius server backends, provides the highest degrees of safety and security for all client types. VPN's are never created on Microsoft Windows servers, which are often exploited like a raggedy Anne doll. Instead we use pure linux systems with updated security systems, anti-intrusion mechanisms, and proactive defense firewalls.

No matter the country you'd like, just tell us the country and any preferred isp's that you'd like and we'll custom tailor your vpn server to your specific usage case. We offer a custom ip rotation time as well. Change your vpn ip at specifically timed intervals, such as every 15 or 30 minutes, or 1 hour or 24 hours, without ever disconnecting from the vpn itself.

We do not limit bandwidth on vpn servers. Use as much bandwidth as you want. And we mean this literally.

This product can be purchased as an end-user, or it can be purchased for reselling with access to the radius backend for private client management.

End-User Edition: $50 USD per month.
Reseller Edition (with radius client management): $75 USD per month.

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