Happy Holidays & Our New Features

December 24, 2023 By Administration
two women near christmas decorations

Proxies.tv wishes all of our past, present, and future clients Happy Holidays. As the 2023 year comes to a close, we thought we’d introduce 2 new features to our proxy system that users have been asking for for quite some time.

First up is that we now fully support the UDP protocol on all socks5 proxies globally. This was a much requested feature from our gaming clients and a few other particular niches. There are situations when using a proxy service where you absolutely must have udp support, especially when centering around an MTU 1500 and declaring a Windows based system. Not only does this help our gaming clients, it also provides additional support for our VPN users. Needless to say, our developers did a fine job in implementing this.

Furthermore, another highly requested feature was the ability to ip whitelist and to be able to use the proxies without a username and password. This was particularly common for certain niches that were bot powered but the bot software did not support proxy user authentication. This feature is now available to all users. Again, our developers did a fine job in this implementation as well.