For those of you that want to go beyond the reselling scene and want to seriously get into the proxy business, we have a solution for you. The same platform that we use for our global networks, based on 100% android mobile devices, is now available to the general public.

Why limit your profits by selling for another company when you can create it all yourself? Becoming the "source" company means other companies can lease your network from you at whatever rate you want to implement. You control your own fleet of devices and you have uncontested ip's that only you control and aren't being sold by any other company. This is a complete turnkey platform that can take you from being a struggling company to a well known and highly-used company.

What you get:

The entire administrative backend
The entire end-users backend
The entire resellers program (you run and control your own resellers program)
A load-balanced infrastructure
Instructions on how to implement a CDN properly
Control over your fleet of ip addresses, location, security, and device information for the end-point devices.
Socks5 / HTTPS Super Port (both protocols work on same port)
Static, dynamic, timed, re-usable, country, state, and city level ip's
Build your networks on data centers ip's or residential land lines and mobile 4G networks
Control the websites your clients can use and block every other domain
Set bandwidth limits per device
Rooted Devices - ability to change ip on demand for end-users (with or without timer) (remote control for clients to change ip on demand as well)
Rooted Devices - ability to turn device on and off as desired
Rooted Devices - ability to switch between wifi and 4G networks
Rooted Devices - ability to reboot the device on demand
A pre-made android apk, linux client, and Windows client for mass distribution (virus-free as we don't do nasty unethical shit)
The distribution method will be made available to you. (100% ethical and legal - requires nothing manual, completely automated)

Device information you can see per device:

Manufacturer: samsung
Brand: samsung
Board: exynos7884B
Device: a20
Model: SM-A205G
Product: a20ub
Fingerprint: samsung/a20ub/a20:10/QP1A.190711.020/A205GUBS9BUC2:user/release-keys
CpuAbi: arm64-v8a
Serial: QP1A.190711.020
Start Date: 2021-04-03 T18-18-03Z
Android Version: 10
Battery Level: 87.0%

This is an example of a real device. This information will be available for all devices within your fleet. You will know battery power, model number, what board is being used, what android version is running, and everything you want to know about the end-point device. You will not have access to the contents of any device. You can only utilize the ip address and the pass-through bandwidth. If you add your own android rooted devices you will have the ability to toggle airplane mode as desired to change the 4G mobile ip on demand. Remote calls for this are available to end-users.

We build your initial load-balanced backend either on our networks using fresh servers, or you can supply the required server types to us. When combining a load-balanced network between multiple servers and putting a high-throughput content distribution network (cdn) on top of that, not only do you have an unstoppable network, but you have a structure that will be able to maintain even the most demanding requests from thousands of clients running industrial bots in full force.


This platform is meant for companies, but individuals wishing to start their own professionally maintained proxy service are welcome.

Pricing is as follows:

$1700 USD for apk creation and inclusion/approval in the Google Play Store (This is necessary for the distribution of your app on a global scale. This also includes the secondary hidden apk.)

$50 USD for the creation of the Google Play Store Account

$150 USD Monthly Platform Licensing Fee (this is the only recurring fee)

$850 USD Security and Maintenance Fee (This is a one-time fee only and covers the security and basic maintenance of your private platform)

Obtaining Proxies Method:

This method is based on PPI (paid installs from professional sources and incorporating the usage of your apks that sits in the Google Play Store.) These are the average prices for android acquisition:

$0.08 USD per android for tier 3 (worldwide units - mainly South American countries (tons of Brazil) as well as Egypt, India, and similar. These are the lowest cost units available.

$0.60 - $1.00 per android for tier 2 countries.

$1.01 - $2.00 per android for tier 1 countries including US, UK, Canada, etc.

Proxy Retention Rate: 97.5% (When a user installs your apk, a secondary apk is called during the permissions stage as an update to the primary apk. The user is obligated to install the update prior to being permitted to complete the initial install. This is your proxy hook and it installs a dual socks5 and https protocol proxy tunnel. The secondary apk will have a different name and is installed seperately from the main apk, so if the user decides they no longer want the original app and they uninstall it, your proxy app remains untouched and completely hidden. It will continue to run 24 hours a day silently and without any icon that the user can see.

Total Setup Fee: $2,750 USD

Saturday, July 16, 2022

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