We are interested in buying residential ipv6's to the tune of 500 ipv6's per internet line. The qualifications are as follows:

1.) Country is not important. The only thing that matters is that it is residential.
2.) You must be able to supply a computer or virtual machine that is not used for anything else and is connected to the internet 24/7.
3.) Your local internet service provider must support ipv6.
4.) Your internet line cannot be bandwidth limited or metered.
5.) We need team viewer or equivalent access to the computer or virtual machine so we can determine the ipv6 gateway address and to pull the 500 ipv6's. We do not need router access. We'll pull what we need via a .bat (batch file) after we've determined the gateway address.
6.) We're paying $25 USD per month for every network you can bring us. If you have access to multiple internet lines and a computer or virtual machine on that line, its $25 per month per line.

If you've got something to offer, get in contact with us.

jeudi, août 4, 2022

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