We are starting a new program regarding isp based proxies. While depending traditionally on android based devices has been beneficial through the years, we are changing directions and we will start announcing new ipv4 and ipv6 ip ranges directly through major residential isp data centers. This will not only improve the speed and response times of the proxies, but will also allow us to systematically create the geo-location of the proxies.

For example: Say that we announced 256 ipv4's and an ipv6 /29 range on the AT&T residential network. We would then have the authority to specify the city and state that we wanted those ip's to publicly report as. In this manner, we can create on-demand and customized locations. The other major advantage to this method is that we would be creating new ip's on that network, which means all ip's would have a clean record, with no spam or fraud scores. Basically the perfect ip's.

Now we know there will be clients that want their own individual ranges on dedicated servers and not part of our general networks. For those clients, the following packages and options are available:

IPv4/24 Count: 256 ipv4's ($650 USD Monthly)
IPv4/23 Count: 512 ipv4's ($950 USD Monthly)
IPv4/22 Count: 1,024 ipv4's ($1,250 USD Monthly)

IPv6/48 Count: 1 x IPv6/48 ($175 USD Monthly)
IPv6/32 Count: 64K x IPv6/48 ($325 USD Monthly)
IPv6/29 Count: 512k x IPv6/48 ($490 USD Monthly)

Dedicated servers to run your private ip ranges from the AT&T residential network have a separate cost and are required. We will discuss the needs of each client at the time of the order to determine the exact type of dedicated server or servers that they require.

We will announce other major residential carriers that we have direct access to accordingly.

Monday, September 5, 2022

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