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There are a lot of different terms that are used in the proxy world, so we'll explain each one in detail.

Proxy: A proxy, or a proxy server, is a software that acts as an intermediary between 2 clients by routing the connection from one client to another.

Mobile Proxy: A mobile proxy is any proxy that routes the connection through a real mobile network maintained by a mobile carrier and is actively being used by regular users.

4G Proxy: Another name for mobile proxies, both are the exact same thing. The only difference is mobile proxies can include both 3G (HSPA/WCDMA) and 4G (LTE) proxies.

Residential Proxy: A residential proxy is any proxy that routes the connection through any residential ISP where the subnet is actively being used by residential users. All 4G mobile proxies are residential but not vice versa.

USB Modem: A USB device that connects to the 4G mobile carrier network using a SIM card with data enabled.

USB Dongle: Same exact thing as a USB Modem. Some countries use the term 4G modem while other countries use dongle.

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