Comcast Cable IPv4 /22

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Comcast Cable dedicated ipv4 /22 (1024 usable ip’s) + dedicated server + 10 GB/s internet line speed



A Comcast Cable IPv4 /22 dedicated IP range refers to a block of IP addresses provided by Comcast Cable specifically for a customer’s use. The /22 notation signifies that it consists of 1024 individual IP addresses, ranging from x.x.x.0 to x.x.x.255, where each “x” represents a number from 0 to 255.

This dedicated IP range is allocated exclusively to a customer, meaning that they have full control and ownership over these addresses. It allows the customer to assign unique IP addresses to their devices, such as computers, servers, or networking equipment, within their network.

Having a dedicated IP range offers several benefits, including improved security, easier access control, and the ability to host services or websites that require a fixed IP address. It gives the customer flexibility in managing their network and enables them to establish a stable online presence.

This purchase includes an Intel 16-core / 32 threads dedicated server with 32 GB DDR4 ram situated in Ashburn, Virginia on a 10 GB/s internet line.