IPv6 /29 Dedicated Proxies




For those of you that need a dedicated set of ipv6 proxies, this is the package you need. Based on an ipv6 range of /29, we load up to 30,000 unique ipv6 proxies for you. This item is given to the client in list format (ip:port:username:password) for effortlessly loading into your bot software or any other methods you might use.

The initial set of 30,000 ipv6’s can be rotated out on demand by contacting an administrator and requesting it.

This product is intended to serve the needs of ipv6 proxies. This product does not serve ipv4’s. This product is sold with a dedicated server per client. These ipv6’s are not shared with any other users.

Countries available: Australia, Canada, United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, South Africa, Colombia, & United Arab Emirates.