SMTP Outbound Marketing Server – Regular




SMTP Outbound Marketing Server

1.) Pre-warmed SMTP Outbound Marketing Server
2.) Ability to send 250,000 outbound emails daily
3.) DKIM, SPF, & DMARC Signatures on all outbound email
4.) Scores 10/10 on
5.) List-Unsubscribe in the headers (greatly improves deliverability)
6.) SMTP Outgoing Encryption provided by Let’s Encrypt Certificate
7.) SMTP server uses both ipv4 and ipv6 ip’s for sending
8.) Does not use port 25. Uses secure ports 465 and 587
9.) No incoming mail is accepted. This service is for sending only

Note: When using a third party smtp server, you might need to update the dns for your domain (if you are using your own domain, if using one of our domains we’ll handle this for you)