Android SDK (Software Development Kit)


The Android SDK (Software Development Kit) is a collection of tools, libraries, and resources provided by Google to help developers create Android applications. It includes everything needed to build, test, and debug Android apps, and provides a platform for developers to access device features and functionalities.



Let’s first talk about what an android sdk is:

An SDK, or Software Development Kit, is a set of tools and programs that developers use to create applications for a specific platform or device. It may include components like libraries, APIs, documentation, code samples, and guides. An SDK helps developers to build custom apps more efficiently without coding from scratch.

SDKs provide a comprehensive collection of tools that enable software developers to build software applications faster and in a more standardized way. For example, cloud-native mobile app development leverages Apple’s iOS SDKs or Google’s Android SDKs for that platform. For larger-scale applications, such as enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and proprietary web and desktop software applications, Microsoft provides the commonly used, open-source .NET SDK.

A typical SDK might include some or all of these resources in its set of tools: Compiler, Code samples, Code libraries (framework), Testing and analytics tools, Documentation, Debuggers. Often, at least one API is also included in the SDK because without the API, applications can’t relay information and work together.

Now that we have a basic idea of what an sdk is, let’s now talk about our custom sdk that passes all Google Play Store testing and what features and benefits our sdk has to offer developers:

Totally based on creating proxies (both http(s) and socks5) out of android devices, and having the ability to issue any other commands to the android device including the ability to switch on and off airplane mode, switch between wifi and 4G, reboot the device, access for incoming and outgoing sms messages and any other commands you want included can be programmed into the sdk. This sdk is called as a secondary when the main app is installed from the play store, thereby defeating any and all Google Play Store protections.

This sdk can be installed into any app the buyer chooses. It does not have to be any particular industry. Our integrated proxy sdk can be installed into any app or apk you’d like and it won’t affect the operation of the sdk at all. The proxy services will continue to run 24 hours a day 7 days a week and comes with a complete API to manage all of the functions currently available. A review of the api is available upon request.

If you are looking to build an http(s) and socks5 proxy fleet from android devices, then this sdk is for you.