Become A Proxy Provider


All the tools you need to become a successful proxy provider.



Are you looking to create your own proxy company? Are you looking to become a “source” company instead of reselling other companies networks? Want to set your own pricing instead of being obligated by the terms from another company? Your day of independence has arrived!

Why limit your profits by selling for another company when you can create it all yourself? Becoming the “source” company means other companies can lease your network from you at whatever rate you want to implement. You control your own fleet of devices and you have uncontested ip’s that only you control and aren’t being sold by any other company. This is a complete turnkey platform that can take you from being a struggling company to a well known and highly-used company.

What you get:

The entire administrative backend
The entire end-users backend
The entire resellers program
Instructions on how to implement a CDN properly
Control over your fleet of ip addresses, location, security, and device information for the end-point devices.
Socks5 / HTTPS Super Port (both protocols work on same port)
Static, dynamic, timed, re-usable, country, state, and city level ip’s
Build your networks on data centers ip’s or residential and mobile 4G/5G networks
Control the websites your clients can use and block every other domain
Set bandwidth limits per device
Rooted Devices – ability to change ip on demand for end-users (with or without timer)
Rooted Devices – ability to turn device on and off as desired
Rooted Devices – ability to switch between wifi and 4G networks
Rooted Devices – ability to reboot the device on demand
Mass SMS Receiving / Sending for all connected Android devices globally
Upload and deploy proxies from other networks and/or private servers
A pre-made android apk, linux client, and Windows client for mass distribution (virus-free as we don’t do nasty unethical shit)
The distribution method for Androids will be made available to you. (100% ethical and legal – requires nothing manual, completely automated)

Device information you can see per Android device:

Manufacturer: samsung
Brand: samsung
Board: exynos7884B
Device: a20
Model: SM-A205G
Product: a20ub
Fingerprint: samsung/a20ub/a20:10/QP1A.190711.020/A205GUBS9BUC2:user/release-keys
CpuAbi: arm64-v8a
Serial: QP1A.190711.020
Start Date: 2023-12-09 T18-18-03Z
Android Version: 13
Battery Level: 92.0%
Rooted: true

This is an example of a real device. This information will be available for all devices within your fleet. You will know battery power, model number, what board is being used, what android version is running, and everything you want to know about the end-point device. You will not have access to the contents of any device. You can only utilize the ip address and the pass-through bandwidth. If you add your own android rooted devices you will have the ability to toggle airplane mode as desired to change the 4G mobile ip on demand. Remote calls for this are available to end-users.

Your proxy fleet can be made up of both android mobile devices and Microsoft Windows desktops and laptop devices. You can also deploy linux devices as well. We also have stealth options available as well.


A Microsoft Windows executable client (proxy.exe) will also be provider to you for easy distribution for your client computers that will become part of your proxy network. This .exe will allow you to build up thousands and thousands of proxies globally depending upon your distribution methods. If you need help on distribution, we are there to help assist with this.

You will also need to provide us with a dedicated server so we can install and implement your private platform. We recommend high-end based processors with plenty of ram if you intend on serving a lot of clients and are looking to build a sizeable proxy fleet.

*Your platform lease includes ongoing maintenance, security implementation, and platform support.*
(From time to time we do make enhancements to the platform free of cost)